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A wife to Chris for 16 years, A Mom to three beautiful boys! Alex 16, Jacob 14, and Aiden 11. I love to study the Word of God. I find there is a chase when I open the pages of God's word and begin soaking up the meaning and the intent of each word! Each form, root, and definition. I'm so grateful, for the life Jesus gave to a hopeless captive girl, now set free, and full of eternal hope.

Hearing the Heart

  I think the worst downfall for me is a transition. I mean really how much of us like drastic …

Disconnect From Disgrace New Podcast Today!

God Willing


We Are Called

You can now listen to New Podcast today @   Or you can read it right here… To my sisters …

Wild Rose

A wild rose doesn’t control its color or where it is placed, all the rose does is grow and wait to bloom.

Power in the Presence

Check out my podcast, Song & Strength, on Anchor: Enjoy today’s new Podcast 📣📣📣 Please follow podcast!! Daily encouraging …

Friends or Foes

Friendship is not just taking, but a large part is giving your time, energy, and love. I am praying today we take each scripture and not apply them to others, but to ourselves and ask ourselves this question:  HOW DO I MEASURE UP AS A FRIEND TO THESE SCRIPTURES?  

The Deceitful Distractions

We are all Martha’s at times, we just have to remember that there are always a pair of feet we can come and rest at. 

Washed by the Water

In our service to Jesus sometimes we have to make hard decisions. They are sometimes hard to carry, sometimes they …

A Captive Girl

Today, I want you to know this particular verse has been coming up for the past three weeks. The first …

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