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Making All Things New

I love spring! I love that all the barrenness of winter is leaving, and new life is waking up. I …

Hearing the Heart

  I think the worst downfall for me is a transition. I mean really how much of us like drastic …

The Deceitful Distractions

We are all Martha’s at times, we just have to remember that there are always a pair of feet we can come and rest at. 

Down Deep In My Soul

We all feel discouraged or forgotten about at times. We can get so discouraged in our walks with Christ that …

Glory of God, Came Down

Jesus, you have appeared to us, and loved each of us with an everlasting love. (Jeremiah 31:3)

Learning and Leaning 

These mini moments don’t define us, these moments refine us.

No matter what game we are facing, we can find strength in the leaning and not the ability

You can have peace

  I have found the one thing that drives me is the one thing that God refines me through. He …

Worst feeling is stuck

All God’s children wander in the wilderness but, we do not have to stay in the land of Egypt; we …

Secret’s Old and New

  God always, always. ALWAYS has a timing for every individual! I am not talking about just in big things. …

Are You Shipwrecked?

God, often sends us through the storms so that we will be shipwrecked and washed up to the place that will change us, but more importantly will change a whole island of people.

~Kimberly Ferren

You have taken off the old

See the problem with a lie is that you just don’t hurt yourself and the other person it has potential …

You are Salt

I have thought long and hard about what I am going to say. I am praying that people would receive …

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